Department Introduction

Offering optimal solutions to corporate customers in diverse industries, such as the manufacturing industry, the retail trade, and the finance business.

Our services that originated in a system for Ta-Q-Bin were further developed to match a wide range of industries, and now we proudly offer our support ensuring that our customers can fully concentrate on the main line of their businesses.

Solution Business Headquarters

Contributing to the growth of our customers' businesses with our core know-how cultivated over many years in finance and insurance markets, and also our advanced solutions developed in the E-commerce, distribution and manufacturing industries.

・Solution Department
・Product Department

System Headquarters

Providing safety and security to all our customers with "Yamato quality" IT technology services backed by our abundant experience and achievements.

・Group System Department
・Business System Department
・Technology Development Department
・Partner Strategy Department

IT Infrastructure Headquarters

Contributing to increase in efficiency, safety and security of the customers' businesses with the know-how we have been cultivated as the foundation of Yamato Group.

・Technical Operation Department
・Business Promotion Department
・Quality Management Department

Management Headquarters

Overseeing the management department and is responsible for business strategy, financial strategy, human resources strategy, and CSR promotion.

・Business Strategy Department
・Financial Strategy Department
・Human Resources Strategy Department
・CSR Promotion Department

Internal Audit Office