Message from the President

We provide ongoing support to customers, identify their needs, and create new value that brings smiles to their faces

As digital technology evolves and society undergoes major changes, we are mobilizing the management resources of Group companies to appropriately respond to the diverse needs of our customers through the “One Yamato” structure.

The goal of Yamato System Development, which handles the IT functions within the Group, is to provide value that exceeds expectations of and elicits the smiles from customers by grasping their potential needs during our interactions with them, and to continue to live up to the trust that customers have placed in us by ensuring, among others, “zero downtime operations.”

Building on the base of our development and operations know-how accumulated thus far, we continually seek to upgrade our digital knowledge and skills to create new services that go beyond the existing frameworks. In addition to expanding the scope of our activities to include solutions that values the bond we create with customers through the system, we maintain a proactive attitude regarding the challenge of cultivating new markets through the consolidation of our strengths under “One Yamato.”
Pioneering the future with the power of digital. Our mission at Yamato System Development is to bring smiles to our customers and society as a whole through IT.

President Nobuaki Kurimaru