Message from the President

Since our establishment, Yamato System Development has been responsible for the development and operation of the Ta-Q-Bin (door-to-door delivery) system and supporting information systems of the Yamato Group for over 40 years. Leveraging our cultivated know-how and network infrastructure, we provide business efficiency solutions with ICT technologies for clients in diverse industries. To date, revenues from outside the Group have exceeded 60% of our business.

However, in recent years, both the market and client needs have become diversified and dramatically changed due to economic globalization. Therefore, as a new challenge, we resolved to evolve our business model from a problem-solving one aiming to “increase business efficiency”, which has been used since our establishment, to one that emphasizes on “creating future value”. We should have a thorough understanding of our clients’ business values and strategies, and consideration of how things will change in the next 5 to 10 years. Through this, we achieve our ultimate mission – to provide optimal systems and operations for our clients to create future value. Nevertheless, as competition in technologies and systems has become global and borderless, we cannot fully achieve that mission using only our own resources. This is why we are always on the lookout for talent and technology from around the world, and have created structures to constantly embrace and incorporate them for optimum systems and operations.

Together with our clients, who aim for a brighter future even if it is not yet visible today, we will foresee the future and work continuously towards creating new business values. That is our mission towards the future.

President Nobuaki Kurimaru